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Oak chopping board with little piggy design.  This board features a groove to catch juices and handles to make it easy to carry.  

Chopping Board, Oak, Pig

SKU: B6-10
Within three weeks of order date
  • This   board comes to you made with love. As with all wooden items, if it is not looked after it may dry out and split or crack. The new board will come finished with a minimum of three coats of Danish oil. The first coat is applied in an oil bath, the board is left to soak for twenty minutes, drained and wiped off. After drying time, the wood will be well sealed. The board is then re-sanded with a fine grit paper and given a second coat of oil. This is wiped straight off and allowed to dry. The final coat sees the board sanded with a very fine grit sandpaper, then a third coat of oil is applied using super fine wire wool, which gives a silky-smooth finish. Finally, a coat of food grade wax is applied to further seal and enhance the wood.

    The board should be ready to use straight away. Remember, it’s a chopping board, so don’t be afraid to use it!! If you have bought a decorative board, you could chop on the back side of the board, leaving the front for decoration. Most of our boards come with hand holds to allow for easy spinning over.

    When in use, clean with a damp sponge or cloth and dish washing soap. NEVER leave the board in a bowl of water to soak, this is a sure-fire way for it to warp and crack! Likewise, NEVER EVER PUT INTO A DISHWASHER. When drying your board, stand it upright on its end, never put it down on a surface wet, as again this will cause warpage. Never leave to dry on a wooden butcher block style worktop, as the wood could become marked with the wet board. You could put something between them to allow air flow.

    Every month we suggest that you clean the board with anti-bacterial dish soap and water, making sure to get into all the grooves. You can add lemon juice to the water, to aid killing bacteria and making the board smell fresh. Allow the board to dry overnight. Next you can apply a coat of oil to keep the wood in tip top condition. You can use food grade mineral oil, almond or walnut oil, even rape seed oil or vegetable oil will do. Rub the oil into the board, let it soak in overnight, then buff off. Really heavy cut marks can be sanded off.

    We do offer a refinishing service, but we cannot guarantee to get your board back to perfect, depending on the depth of cuts on the surface. We would need to see photographs of any problems before agreeing to refinish any board. Contact us to enquire about this service.


    Clean your board with a cloth / sponge and dish soap

    Leave to dry on its end

    Oil once a month

    Cut on it and enjoy!


    Leave soaking in water

    Put into a dishwasher

    Dry flat on a worksurface

  • Our boards are all individually made but our large boards measure approximately 500mm*300mm*40mm.  Medium boards measure approximately 350mm*300mm*40mm

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