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Hope House Workshop are proud to use renewable energy, making quality wooden goods.  Our products are made using recycled, upcycled or waste products. Our aim is to have the smallest negative impact on the environment possible. 


We will: -

  • Use renewable energy within our company, with solar panels for electricity, linked to Octopus energies 100% renewable ethos.

  • Heat our workshop with waste products from our production processes.

  • Reduce the amount of waste products going into landfill.

  • Reduce the consumption of raw materials, water and fuels.

  • Use recyclable and renewable materials in place of virgin materials where possible.

  • Commit to constant energy use reduction, to include all LED lighting within the workshop.

  • Remove all plastics from our production and postproduction where possible.


Our commitment for the future includes: -

  • Turning waste sawdust into briquettes for heating.

  • Consider the impact of cleaning materials on the environment and their disposal.

  • Invest in battery technology to store excess solar panel energy.

  • Segregate waste within the workshop environment.

  • Work to avoid pollution including noise pollution.

  • Commit to continued improvement.

  • Review our policy regularly to ensure it we meet legal and ethical requirements.

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